Alison (heartbroken101) wrote,

I don't get it

I don't understand....My economics professer says that the more money you spend the more money you make....well I always spend lots of money and don't ever get any more. I don't think he means personally I guess maybe he means the econmy as a whole. I dunno and I've decided that I don't like the government. Just because most of our money goes to them. Maybe if there weren't so many of them we would have more money.

I had a nice talk with Tiffy last night, and I dunno it wasx nice. Well it didn't start out to be nice but it ended up to be nice. I love her lots. And she's mine forever. Haha I'm not really psycho! but whatever.

I haven't written in a while, I'm not sure why, but oh well. I did absolutey nothing all weekend and loved most of every minute of it.
The Bloomsburg fair is here, it is the high light of everyone's year, I think that it is hysterical. There are signs for it everywhere. Even in wal-mart they have a fair section set up, ok that's just to pathetic, well to me anyway. I guess where we live there is much more to look forward to then some fair. It's said to be the biggest fair on the east coast, well I'm not sure how I feel about that one, cause the Pa state fair is pretty damn big.

I have a test in 4o mins. I studied but ya can always study more right. I have figured it out! they changed the total credits needed to graduate, and well I will only be here one extra semester now. So that's cool.

Ok well since I wrote a whole lot of nothing you guys care about I'm gonna get goin! Bye!
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