Alison (heartbroken101) wrote,

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I'm sad today

I woke up in a depressed mood today, it sux. I think I'm just sad and then I go and fuck up my Sims game and can't play it, that makes me even more depressed. I talked to my little sister last night, I miss her a lot. I'm thinkin that before or after christmas I might take a road trip out there to see them.
I talked to Gena briefly today, her parents are goin away this weekend and she said she wants us to come over.
I can't believe I fucked my game up, I don't even know how to fix it, and I can't even ask the damn sim community cause how do i post in it? yea see i don't know shit and i have no game to play. I downloaded some patch by accident and now hot date won't work, I wanna fix it so i can play.bye.
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