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Alison's Journal

Wednesday, December 11, 2002


it's been awhile, my computer is being really stupid. I'm all packed up and ready to go, I said all my good byes and shed some tears. I'm kinda sad about goin I wish I could change my mind now but it's too late. I was tryin to leave to day but it decided to sleet and I'm not about to try and drive in this shit.
I talked to my father today it was the first time in a long time i can't remeber the last time we talked. It is his birthday that's the only reason i called. He made me upset, and I cried. I hate him soo much. I told him that i might not be coming back to school and he told me i was stupid and dumb. there were a lot of things i wanted to say to him after he said that but I held back. That shit pisses me off, gina made me feel better so i guess it's ok.
my tounge is a lot better, I canged my barbell already but that's cause the metal one was too noticeable, and it made me talk funny. I wanna put my retainer in it but it's still a little swollen so i'll just have to wait. I was kinda hopen that rich told my mom so she could kinda get over it, but i don't think he did cause she has been really nice to me on the phone. so my hope is that next week i can put the clear one in, but we'll see.
i really miss tiffy i chilled with her and mandi the other day it was cool, i had fun. she was gonna come home with me but the weather is shitty and i have no extra room in my car for her. I'm supposed to work tomorrow but i called my manager today and told her that i wasn't able to leave until tomorrow morning and she said that if the roads are bad that she will work my shift, i figured that i could leave at 7 and make it home on time but i need to go to the financial aid office and they don't open til 8 so i'm just gonna call her and tell her that i'm gonna be late. cause i need to get my room checked and then go to the office and finnish puttin some shit in my car. just my computer and bedding. i had to sell a bunch of my stuff that i couldn't fit, but that's ok i guess it's extra money. i still have my rug and i kinda don't want to get rid of it but it's really not gonna fit. well i'm gonna go i'm getting bored outta my mind so i tihnk i'm gonna go to bed soon, night!

Thursday, November 21, 2002


well I'm almost done here, I'm excited to get out of here. I found a school in new york it looks really awesome and it offers everything I wanna do. I called today to gat a book and application sent to me. I hope I can go there, it's only and hour and a half from my house, so it's not too bad. Well I'm gonna go est dinner, talk to you later. bye.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002


Today is just sucking more then yesterday, I hate this shit I hate school and everything just sux. I've cried like 6 times today, and not to mention another freakin paper to write on sexual discrimination at the work place, exciting huh? yea well I just can't for Tiffy to get here, I'm gonna call my boss and see if I can just work friday night cause I'm not feeling to good, that way I have some down time on Saturday and Sunday. I'm not even scheduled to work this weekend I was just picking up some shifts so I'm sure it won't be a problemand if I can't get anyone to work that shift it's no big deal it's only 11-5 I'm sure i'd be able to leave at 4 anyway.
I just can't wait for a freakin vacation, i just wait. Gina has been helping me a lot she keeps me smiling she's so funny and it's good cause that's what I need now. And Tiffy's been great I cried to her again tonight but it's ok cause she said that I'll get through this and I know she's right she always is. I have a test in 6.5 hours and I'm not ready for it, I've studied since like 7 and still I feel like I've gotten no where.
Well I think I'm gonna go I am really tired and just wanna sleep not to mention i feel like crap but oh well. I'll get over this I know I will.bye.

Thursday, November 7, 2002


I'm so fuckin pist.
Some shit went down last night at Dana's appartment, they got in a huge fight with her room mate, cause I dunoo she wasa really drunk and said a lot of shit that she must have been holding in. And well I didn't take any of it personal, but now I am cause when the Aubrey the one room mate called the cops at like 1:30 because Trina the evil room mate was playin her music very very loud. So she called the cops. Any way some one knocked on the door and I thought that it was the pizza we ordered, but just in case it was the cops I made Kristen come to the door with me cause she lives there and I don't. And it was the cops not our pizza, and Trina the evil bitch asked why I went down stairs cause I don't live there and then she called me a NASTY BISEXUAL BUTCH, ya I'm fuckin pist, I noramlly don't give a fuck what people think but she just crossed the line. I'm so ready to kick her fuckin ass, I can take her I know I can, she just better hope she moves outta there house before I go there to chill with them, or it's on I don't even fuckin care. she said she was movin out next week but for her sake she better leave tomorrow. God I'm sso fuckin pist.
And fuck college I don't wanna be here any more. I'm sick of all this shit I really am. I have a test on tuesday and the only way I can pull my grade up to a D is if I get an A on this test, this fuckin sux. They don't have academic probation anymore, so if i don't get a 2.0 after this semester I'm done. I'm luckey now cause I have a 1.99 and that's like the drawing line. And If I do fail out my family is gonna be so fuckin pist, but I'm tryin hard it just sux. I mean yea I could do to class more but the classes that I miss are the ones that I am doing good in. Fuck this I can't handle the fuckin stress. I just want to be done school. And besides if I do fail out I can go to bucks and reapply to bloom after 2 semesters there. So it's not that bad I guess. Well I'm gonna go I'm really in the mood to out and drunk tonight but I'm not gonna. I'm gonna study for bio. bye.


It's been awhile, a long while and i have no excuse on not writing, sorry.
This past weekend was awesome, I spent a lot of time with Tiffy and saw kerri and kate and hung out with sam on sunday for our concert. We missed something corporate, but I figured that much. It was still a good time though.
My Cam'ron concert last night was kinda beat, I was all into it, I'd much rather be with Tiffy Harry and Krissie at the New found show, Hopefully you guys got to see SC.
I stayed at big D's place last night casue Eric is here visitng Gina and I just offered to stay some where else. I'm in my room now cause everyone at D's place had class, I was hoping to go back to bed but Eric's friend Matt is sleeping in my fuckin bed, and Gina and Eric are both completely naked. I feel really akward but I have no else to go for now so I'm just gonna sit here, hopefully they will wake up soon.
I'm excited to come home tomorrow, I miss Tiffy lots.and I'm broke but what else is new? Right.
I'm trying to think of something else to write or say so I won't get bored, and feel any more akward then I already do.
That's fuckin gross, Matt who I don't even know is using my pillows and little fleece blanket and sheets that's gross. I'm gonna have to wash them, plus he was all drunk last night. Gina told me he and matt were goin to some party after the show.
What do i do? Wht do i do? I'ma go smoke a cigeratte, that's whaat i do. I'm out bye.

Thursday, October 24, 2002


I'm having a debate this morning. Yellow old navy pants or no yellow old navy pants? Hmmm. They are kind of annoying, they feel funny. I think I'm gonna change. Yea def. cause yellow is not not the thighs to well. Ah jeans, much better. I'm actually goin to class today. I have not to biology in awhile. My grade is suffering hard core. I'm doin ok in everything else just not bio. I gotta work on that. Ok well I'm out I need to smoke a cig. before class bye.


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Monday, October 21, 2002


Well I got an 87 and a 78 on two of my tests. I'm happy. And I got all my work done for the day and it's still kinda early. I'm gonna shower and go to bed. I have to go to Biology tomorrow, if I don't get an A on the nest test I'm fucked. There goes my GPA.
My other wrist is starting to hurt, I don't understand, where the hell it cam from all of a sudden. Oh I'll just have to deal, and it sux cause I don't have another wrist brace, I only bought one that can be used on either hands. Well what do I do when it's in both hands? Damn I'm so smart. Ok well I'm out!

5:26PM - double woo-hoo!

Who got ANOTHER good grade? For a total of 2 today?? That would be me. WOO-HOO!!!!!!

10:29AM - Woo-hoo!

I did good on my economics test! woo-hoo!

Wednesday, October 16, 2002


I have some time before class. I'm mad why do I gotta look dumb in hats? I didn't wanna do my hair today cause it's rainy and it'll just get all gross.
I have so much work to do tonight, ugh. I hate school i wanna be done.I gotta go to class.bye.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002


I'm a drunk wit the hiccups, ha! i went out tonight to jess' friends app. i killd a 6 pack in an hour, holy shiit. we palyed circke of death, electrictiy, and asshole and i drank a lot fast! gotta go to bed i goota test at 9:39. ha that's beat love ya all. harry i reakky wanted to see you sat. night hopefully i can see you this weekened. baby i love youi night.

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

9:58AM - I'm so excited

Guess who is comin to bloom?
N.O.R.E and Cam'ron
oh yea how excited am I?
extremely, and it's on a wed. so I know I ain't gooa work.
This is awesome, I'm excited oh hell yea!

Tuesday, October 8, 2002

10:33PM - God Damn

Is nothing going right today? I fixd the game, I had to uninstall it, and loose all my downloads. I can get them back, but still. But I need the regular game to finnish uninstlling it to reinstall it and guess what Tiff has the other disk that i fuckin need. God Damn.

8:35PM - I give up...

Fuck everything. I'm sad and depressed and still angry.
Why'd tiffy have to leave yesterday that was keeping me happy that she was here. And she's gone and I'm not happy.
God damn why the hell am I so emotional? Ah, I think I know why I haven't taken my pill for a while cause all I do is bleed when I'm on it and the doctor was a bitch the other day when I went to get it checked out. Sorry I'm not bleeding for another month straight cause you didn't have time to fucking talk to me, I'm not doin it. I wish I could be a doctor so I can be a fucking asshole to my patients, and not need an explanation for it. I'm not taking the pills fuck that. They just make me sick cause I bleed to much.
Fuck hormones.
Ya know I'm really not like this, not at all I try not to let things bother me but all day I've been on the edge of tears since I woke up, I got like that little painful lump in my throat, tryin hard as hell not to let it all out. I keep telling myself that I'll be home in a few days but it's not working.
Then I found out today that I have to write a 7to 10 page paper on wheather I think we should or shouldn't go to was with iraq. Gee let me think about how much I fuckin care. Yea you guessed it!
maybe I just need to smoke a cigeratte, the last one I had was after my 2 o'clock class, so yea it's been like almost 6 hours.

They are my friends
Even if they are gonna kill me
later on in life.

Well I'm gonna go I think I'm done bitchin for now.

I miss everyone, I miss you guys a lot.

Current mood: cranky

6:04PM - I'm sad today

I woke up in a depressed mood today, it sux. I think I'm just sad and then I go and fuck up my Sims game and can't play it, that makes me even more depressed. I talked to my little sister last night, I miss her a lot. I'm thinkin that before or after christmas I might take a road trip out there to see them.
I talked to Gena briefly today, her parents are goin away this weekend and she said she wants us to come over.
I can't believe I fucked my game up, I don't even know how to fix it, and I can't even ask the damn sim community cause how do i post in it? yea see i don't know shit and i have no game to play. I downloaded some patch by accident and now hot date won't work, I wanna fix it so i can play.bye.

Current mood: sad

Thursday, October 3, 2002


My Favorite Female Part Is:

The Face: Sweet and angelic...

except when she yells at me...

Find out your favorite female body part!


I haven't written in a while, just don't really have much to say, it's the same ol shit just different day. I talked to Steve and he wants me to let everyone know that Saturday night is gay night at chrome and would like all of us to come. So I just thought that I would share. I'm comin home this weekend, but I'm workin all weekend.

I wish I could go back, go back to when everyone hung out together like January. Everyone hung out, there was no drama no problems and everyone was happy. If it is ok with everyone I would like all of us to go out one night, even if we just sit at the pub. That's fine, I want it to be Sami, Harry, Krissie, Tibby, Amy, Kate, Pag,Belle, Kerri, Mel, Val, Gena, and why not Bobby and Lliam. I think it would be fun, I know we all have our differences but we can always get past them. I miss everyone, I miss my late night talks with sam on the phone, just to smoke a cig. I miss goin to the pub and knowing moslty everyone there. I know everyone is moving on to their own lives, but can't we for just one night go back to when we all hung out. We used to have a lot of fun. And the parties at kate's I miss them too, they were always a good time, especially the night that Harry slept in between me and Tiff, we kinda dicked him, sorry hunnie. New Year's that was a great time we were all there drunk and havin a good time, ok well most of us anyway. I just wish things didn't have to change and we never had to grow up. Our attempts to play kick ball or footbal in the parking lot, I dunno what ever we tried to play, I was too fucked up to care anyway. I miss you guys I really do. I also think one night we should go to the rack room, and sit on our bench and play yhe touching game (sexybitchs) and get the high score on most of the games. I just miss everything, I miss the ways things used to be, I miss having everyone in my life all the time. Ok well I'm gonna go cause I just made my self kinda depressed. Talk to everyone later, and please let me know how you feel about this idea.

Monday, September 23, 2002

10:13AM - I don't get it

I don't understand....My economics professer says that the more money you spend the more money you make....well I always spend lots of money and don't ever get any more. I don't think he means personally I guess maybe he means the econmy as a whole. I dunno and I've decided that I don't like the government. Just because most of our money goes to them. Maybe if there weren't so many of them we would have more money.

I had a nice talk with Tiffy last night, and I dunno it wasx nice. Well it didn't start out to be nice but it ended up to be nice. I love her lots. And she's mine forever. Haha I'm not really psycho! but whatever.

I haven't written in a while, I'm not sure why, but oh well. I did absolutey nothing all weekend and loved most of every minute of it.
The Bloomsburg fair is here, it is the high light of everyone's year, I think that it is hysterical. There are signs for it everywhere. Even in wal-mart they have a fair section set up, ok that's just to pathetic, well to me anyway. I guess where we live there is much more to look forward to then some fair. It's said to be the biggest fair on the east coast, well I'm not sure how I feel about that one, cause the Pa state fair is pretty damn big.

I have a test in 4o mins. I studied but ya can always study more right. I have figured it out! they changed the total credits needed to graduate, and well I will only be here one extra semester now. So that's cool.

Ok well since I wrote a whole lot of nothing you guys care about I'm gonna get goin! Bye!

Wednesday, September 18, 2002


I'd rather stab myself in the eye instead of taking cough syrup.

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