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I give up...

Fuck everything. I'm sad and depressed and still angry.
Why'd tiffy have to leave yesterday that was keeping me happy that she was here. And she's gone and I'm not happy.
God damn why the hell am I so emotional? Ah, I think I know why I haven't taken my pill for a while cause all I do is bleed when I'm on it and the doctor was a bitch the other day when I went to get it checked out. Sorry I'm not bleeding for another month straight cause you didn't have time to fucking talk to me, I'm not doin it. I wish I could be a doctor so I can be a fucking asshole to my patients, and not need an explanation for it. I'm not taking the pills fuck that. They just make me sick cause I bleed to much.
Fuck hormones.
Ya know I'm really not like this, not at all I try not to let things bother me but all day I've been on the edge of tears since I woke up, I got like that little painful lump in my throat, tryin hard as hell not to let it all out. I keep telling myself that I'll be home in a few days but it's not working.
Then I found out today that I have to write a 7to 10 page paper on wheather I think we should or shouldn't go to was with iraq. Gee let me think about how much I fuckin care. Yea you guessed it!
maybe I just need to smoke a cigeratte, the last one I had was after my 2 o'clock class, so yea it's been like almost 6 hours.

They are my friends
Even if they are gonna kill me
later on in life.

Well I'm gonna go I think I'm done bitchin for now.

I miss everyone, I miss you guys a lot.
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